Southampton White Rift Oak

Door Profile


Minimalist and polished, with a slender frame and clean lines, Southampton is shaker style re-imagined for modern spaces.


Modern, natural and warm, our White Rift Oak cabinets are the epitome of luxury. First, lumber and veneers are meticulously selected and then rift cut to accentuate the linear grain prevalent in the wood. Then the pieces are wire-brushed which involves hand-scraping the wood with a metal brush to reveal the soft grain from the growth ring of the tree.

Southampton features a 7/8” door platform.

White Oak

Real American White Oak Hardwood and Veneer:

We exclusively use authentic North American White Oak lumber and veneers, and all our White Oak products are proudly FSC certified. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, making this certification a vital part of our commitment to the environment.

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