Cabinet Care

Your Tribeca Cabinetry has an exceptional multi-step finish and is as durable as it is beautiful! Our catalyzed conversion topcoat creates a surface that protects your cabinetry and under normal conditions requires very little maintenance. Follow these steps on basic care and you will enjoy your Tribeca Cabinetry for many years to come:

  • After installation is complete, wipe all cabinets with a damp and clean soft cloth. Dry immediately with another soft and clean cloth.
  • Regular cleaning requires using only a damp cloth and then drying. For tougher areas that have been affected by dirt, grease oil or other contaminants, we recommend using a damp cloth in combination with a fresh solution of mild soap. Immediately rinse with a clean and damp cloth and then dry thoroughly.
  • Warning: Excess moisture, which is especially prevalent near the sink, dishwasher, oven and baseboard areas, should be removed and dried immediately as it may cause warpage or other defects on your cabinetry.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners, waxes, detergents, strong soaps and basic or acidic chemicals on or near your products as they may have a deteriorating effect on the finished surface.
  • Avoid using a rag or dishcloth on any finished surfaces as it may contain contaminants or grease.
  • For minor nicks, abrasions, scuffs and scratches, we recommend using our factory supplied touch up kit.

Ask about Our Touch Up Kit!