Delivery Policies & Procedures

Exceptional Lead Times

All Tribeca products feature the following exceptional lead times.

Please always refer to the projected ship week provided on your order confirmation as these lead times are approximate. 

Delivery Process

One week prior to the Projected Ship Week found on your finalized order confirmation, we will call the phone number on record to schedule your delivery and give you a time frame for the delivery.  Please note that if the delivery is being handled by a third party shipper, we will let you know when it is scheduled to arrive at their warehouse so you can make the necessary arrangements for final delivery.

On the day of delivery, the driver will call one hour before arrival to let you know his estimated time of arrival.

When the order arrives at your dock or job site, make note of any visible damage on the driver’s delivery form.


Concealed Damages & Missing Product

The policy of Tribeca Cabinetry requires the customer to check the enclosed packing list for accuracy at the  time of delivery in addition to any damages that may have occurred. Tribeca Cabinetry will not take the  responsibility for any item missing from your order unless we are notified at the time of delivery. Once the order has been delivered and signed for, the order becomes the responsibility of the customer. We understand that no freight carrier is perfect and that items may get lost or damaged during shipping so it is imperative that you check your order at the time of delivery.


Immediately report any missing or damaged items to the driver at receipt of the shipment in addition to our customer service team. Claims for damages or missing items must be accompanied by pictures and a fully documented claim form. All claims for replacements or missing items must be made prior to installation of cabinets and decorative hardware. Tribeca Cabinetry will not accept ANY claims for concealed shipping damages or missing items 7 days after delivery.




Return/Cancellation Policy

AII products sold must be signed for by the purchaser. In signing this, you as the purchaser take responsibility for payment of the product.

All of our products are built to order and due to the custom nature of our business we do not accept, under ANY circumstances, returns, changes or cancellations once an order has been signed off on and confirmed by the dealer.

Tribeca does not inventory pre-built cabinets so please make sure that confirmed orders are complete and accurate.


Replacement Parts Process

In the event you have damaged items, please use the following process so any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. Our process has been designed to provide insight into problems so they can be addressed by either preventative or corrective actions to eliminate the potential for recurrence.


To Process a Damaged Cabinet or Part

Immediately take pictures of the damaged part and packaging and email them to our customer service department: If the damage is visible prior to unloading, take pictures of the damage while it is still in the truck. In addition, please fax or email the replacement form which should include the order number, door style, finish and the applicable items needed for replacement. This information is crucial for reimbursement, processing and for the development of future preventative measures.


Do not use, destroy or discard the damaged product. In the event that Tribeca Cabinetry or the freight carrier wishes to retrieve the damaged product, you will be contacted within one week from the date that the damage was first reported.

If we are not supplied with photos or the item is not made readily available for pick-up, you will be charged for the replacement.

We do not accept any claims for hidden or concealed damages after 7 days from the date of delivery. We also do not accept any claims for hidden or concealed damages once our products have been installed.