Our Advantage

Our cabinets were designed and engineered for the 21st century with precision, style and quality in mind.  

Quality Lumber

We select quality lumber specifically for our cabinets, ensuring that our products are dependable and can be enjoyed for many years to come. It provides a solid foundation for various kitchen projects, bathroom projects, and other crafting endeavors, ensuring long-lasting, visually pleasing and reliable results. The precision milling and dimensioning of quality lumber make it easier to work with during cabinet construction or other relevant projects.

Uncompromising Finish

Once we select premium quality lumber, we meticulously match and sand each piece. The material then undergoes a multi-step finishing process that ends with the application of a catalyzed conversion topcoat to prevent scratching and improve longevity. During every stage of the manufacturing process, our products undergo a thorough evaluation to guarantee that the end product is immaculate.

Superior Construction

Every cabinet we produce features dovetail construction and is built to last. First, premium quality plywood side panels interlock with the solid wood face frame through matching dovetail grooves. Then, a solid half-inch piece of plywood is utilized for the back to ensure stability and a long-lasting structure. Finally, wood corner braces are screwed into plywood beams to tie the entire structure together.

Ever-lock Shelf

Our solid plywood shelves are designed with durability in mind and will never move from their desired location due to our ever-lock system. This system features stainless steel clips that lock into pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the shelf. This prevents movement and ensures the sturdiness of the shelf and overall structure of the cabinet.

Fluid Movements

Smooth-closing doors and drawers come standard on every cabinet we manufacture. Our compact hinges are adjustable and feature impeccable functionality while our full-extension drawers maximize storage and feature gentle but fluid motion.

Shelf REV

Transitional Full Overlay Design

Our transitional full overlay doors almost completely cover the face frame and create a pristine and clean appearance.